About the Horses:

  • Because horses are spiritual animals (connected between mind and body) it is of the upmost importance that all horses are treated with superior care at Grace Lake. In order for these animals to give their best, they must be cared for and watched after, and their well-being, health and needs are always top priority.
  •  “One of our best horses was retired because it was the right thing to do”, says the owner and founder of Grace Lake, Holly Robinson. “We could have kept him going as a therapy horse, but when you spend as much time as we do with these amazing creatures and connect with them at the level we connect, you know when they are ready to rest and retire.”
  • All of our horses receive a vacation and receive an opportunity to recharge. They are ridden and exercised in different environments so they do not become bored or barn sour. 
  • Our horses are not stalled, they are allowed to live as naturally as possible in pastures where they can move, run, play and graze. Their food is inspected and healthy, and their drinking water is clean, as well as their water buckets.
  • A rider survey is performed after each session to communicate data on the rider, horse and leader.

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“I was 15 years old when I started riding at Grace Lake and in a wheelchair. After 6 months of therapy I was walking with the use of a cane, and after 12 months of therapy at Grace Lake I was walking independently!”

​“Jesse experienced a physical body shock whenever someone would touch him which was excruciating. Riding therapy at Grace Lake has virtually stopped the body shocks, but most importantly, it is helping his muscles so that he can walk more easily, and giving Jesse something to look forward to in life. Can you imagine his family’s surprise to watch him interact socially at school with others his own age for the first time in memory?”

​“Our daughter was delayed with her walking. At 6 years old, our daughter was very shy, she would not speak to adults; she had low muscle tone; and was not playing on the playground. After 6 months of riding at Grace Lake, she began responding to adults when spoken to, and playing on the playground.”

​“Since we began therapy at Grace Lake, my son’s sensory integration, strength, flexibility, and muscle control has improved”

“Since we began therapy at Grace Lake, my son has increased knowledge of his surroundings. He is becoming more independent, and wanting to do what others around him are doing.”

“Since we began therapy at Grace Lake, my son has a sense of normality and freedom.”

“I weighed 1 lb, 10 oz when born, and now as an adult I have rheumatoid arthritis and cerebral palsy. Since I began therapy at Grace Lake, my balance and trunk strength has improved.”

“My disability causes my muscles to tighten up like a rubber band. Riding at Grace Lake gently pushes me to stretch those muscles. For example, I stretch before riding the horse by sitting on the “dummy horse” which prepares me for the ride; I am asked to stand up and down in the stirrups often, and lean forward when the horse steps over items in the arena.”

“Horses are very spiritual animals and they connect with each other, so when you ride a horse, there is a connection between the rider and the horse and you move as one.” 

“Since I began therapy at Grace Lake, I have become more patient and calm.”

“Grace Lake has been a place of relaxation and stress relief for both my daughter and myself. “

“When we began at Grace Lake, my son was non-verbal. We started noticing him signing “horse” and becoming extremely excited about his weekly horse lesson after only 1 week.”

“Riding at Grace Lake has helped my daughter Brianna with balance and coordination.”

“Grace Lake has helped my son with his sensory processing disorder and his fear of movement and being off the ground. He now enjoys swings, climbing, and playing on the playground like other children!”

“I am not an expert but what I see with my child, and other riders, is that the horse takes on the stress and anxiety from the rider by using a type of silent communication.  The horse is able to communicate back to the child that they do not need to be anxious, and after just a couple of lessons you can begin to see the riders relaxing and ready to learn what the horse has to teach.”

“Before beginning at Grace Lake, my son was never an animal lover. After several lessons a bond began to form between Ginger the horse and my son, and now he cannot wait to see her and care for her. It has taught him how to care.”

“My husband and I separated for a period of time and my oldest daughter began to struggle with anger issues which was causing stress on our whole family. Riding therapy at Grace Lake has helped her with her anger issues and peace is being restored in our home, including between her father and I.”

“Our son was struggling in elementary school, being disrespectful to his parents; having trouble communicating with others and making friends. Grace Lake introduced our son to Bear the Horse, and after starting therapy he better understands boundaries, choices, consequences, and he is able to better relate to himself and others. His self-esteem has greatly improved.”

“My son Spencer had been receiving horse therapy at Grace Lake for several years. After specific goals were set for him, he went from having several side walkers to riding independently. He is now able to lead the horse on his own! The natural rhythm of riding improved his nerve and muscle coordination and his Occupational Therapists noticed improvement in his breathing, sitting upright, speech, eye-hand coordination and fine motor coordination.

“Mary Rose was diagnosed as blind and therapy at Grace Lakes has helped her with her confidence, posture, less anxiety, and a willingness to try new things. She now enjoys playing golf, hanging out with friends, and traveling. Mary Rose loves to sing while she rides!”

 “Jude was not able to jump until he started therapy at Grace Lake. On his 4th birthday everyone at Grace Lake celebrated his ability to jump with both feet off the ground!”

“Doc the horse has become one of our daughter Mabry’s favorite therapists. In fact she keeps a picture of Doc by her bed to see him daily. After a few short months at Grace Lake, there was a noticeable difference for Mabry at home and at school, especially in her confidence.”

“I have volunteered 00at Grace Lake for the past several years and was honored to provide one of my retired cutting horses as a therapy horse at Grace Lake.  I love to see the hope and healing that happens, and sometimes it’s as rewarding for the volunteer as it is for the rider!”

“I volunteered at Grace Lake This decision brought me more blessings than I could ever imagine. There's a spirit in the land, horses, riders, and people that have filled my soul and made my heart sing.  It's a beautiful place for all and for these things, I am truly grateful.”

Rider Testimonies