We are excited to welcome Murphy as the newest member of our herd. This Haflinger gelding is smart, curious, and loves to go on trail rides. He was born in 2008.

Kody is an easygoing Quarter Horse gelding. Kody is exceptionally relaxed and content with our special needs kids. He was born in 2007.

Dakota is the tallest member of our herd. He is a Missouri Fox Trotter gelding, standing 15.3 hands high. He offers a lot of sensory input and exercises all parts of the body with his therapeutic walk. He is a sweet, sensitive, and steady guy. Dakota was born in 1997.

Onyx is a beautiful black Tennessee Walking Horse.  He is a barn favorite because of his beauty both inside and out.  He is very willing to teach any level rider and to patiently do all of the tasks required of a therapy horse.  He has a special niche with riders that are learning to canter because of his smooth rocking horse canter.   Onyx loves his job and often comes to you, placing his head right into the halter. He was born in 1996.


Doc is a '93 model Sorrel AQHA Gelding with a gentle spirit.  He is easy to get along with and loves attention.  His calm, patient nature makes him perfect for beginner level riders.  In his younger days, he enjoyed competing as a cutting horse and still likes to go and do a little team sorting. 

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